Thursday, March 17, 2011

finally :)

Hey all!  Soccer season is finally here again.  I've been waiting.................... :)  I have a hard time scheduling workouts sometimes because I don't like to run and there are few workout videos that can keep my attention:)  (so really I'm saying that I'm lazy and lack discipline... but I do work hard to battle those things)  But soccer is here and not only do I get to run around and kick the ball with my U6 team, but my dear husband has given me the freedom to go practice with the U14 team.  My mind says " yay! Fun!" my old and out of shape body says, "noooooooo"
I am just so thankful to have the ability to play a sport that I really enjoy and get in shape while I'm doing it!  Plus I love the kids that play and love challenging them and running sprints with them (not that you can call it a sprint:)
I'm grateful to be able to say it feels good and I like doing it...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hey girls
Well I finally did it. I have always wanted to teach a fitness class of some sort and now I am a zumba instructor. I taught my first class last night and it went so great. I was very nervous and just wanted my class to have a great time. I am only teaching on Tues. nights and every other Saturday. I love having a dance party in the midst of all the running for the half marathon in May. Wish you girls could dance with me!! If you don't already take zumba you should look into it. I feel like it is a great time to just dance your stress away. I love it!!! And obviously an amazing workout!! love love

It has been way to long....

Good Morning to the Get Fit Ladies....
It has been awhile since I have blogged anything but this morning I was bumming around on the computer and thought...its about time I jump back in.
I like Rachel feel like I need to have something I'm training for, so I have put a few things on my schedule. However I do feel like I am getting to a place where I'm making exercise a part of my everyday just so I feel good and healthy.

In January I ran the P.F.Changs Phoenix half marathon and if any of you are interested in doing it next year please join me I have already signed up. It was a blast and I can't wait to run it again. The weather was amazing and to leave Nebraska for a long weekend in January was wonderful....I'm now training or continuing my running for the Lincoln half. I have also started working out 3 times a week at a place called Punch Gym which is a kettleball gym. I would highly recommend looking into workouts involving kettleballs or incorporating them into your workouts now. They are a fun alternative to your typical weight lifting and the majority of the exercises work your core. They are teaching me how important strengthening my core is for my running.

Also one last thing....I found that rewarding myself with new workout gear can motivate me. Who doesn't feel good when they put on a new pair of socks or new yoga pants or a running tank. I was visiting with a friend who told me that every week she rewards herself with McDonalds. I thought of so many food things I would love to reward myself with but my husband reminded me that I was in need of some running tights and said instead of rewarding yourself with a banana split why don't you reward yourself with new workout clothes. So I made it a goal to run 25 miles the week before the Phoenix race and when I completed it I went to the store and bought them. Walmart...Target...T.J. Maxx...all has cute affordable things...Now I don't buy things weekly but I set a 2 week or a month goal then reward myself when it is completed. You should try it you will feel like you really earned them next time you are out running in your cute new gear....Rock on girls....I will be thinking of you all as spring is almost here and I feel the sun beating down on me out on the running trails...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


went on a run (ok - it was a jog/walk, but it felt like a run to me) today... the weather was beautiful!  65 and sunny.  was just reminded that I need to push through the indoor workouts for the next few months til I can be outside again.  God is so good.  I needed this breath of fresh air today!

heavy heart...

Hey, ladies! Its been wayyyyy to long...and my heart, lungs and legs could not agree more :) For those who don't know me well, I had a baby not to long ago (I mean, he's practically a newborn;) So that has been a convenient excuse to be, well, lazy. After some consideration I've come to the conclusion that, for now, I am a type of person who will only exercise with a goal of training for something. A race, a country triathlon, etc. If I am not training FOR something, I'm not training at all. Now, I hope that trait changes overtime. But for now, I am training, and ultimately that's what counts, right?!?!
I have been doing zumba for awhile now, which has been helpful in the transition thus far into running again. I took my first jog this last saturday. I tied up my new (hot pink-yes, Jen) lunarglides and away I went. With my ipod blasting a mix of lecrae, group1crew, and benjah--i was ready. I took off on a brisk walk from liz's driveway, headed for the 1 mile loop called 'westbrook.' Nervous, excited, but mostly pumped, i turned the corner to take off running and SILENCE. My ipod died. WHAT?!?!? that ipod is my lifeline on the battlefield of exercise!!!!!! i can't survive without it!!!! every muscle, bone, and ligament in my out-of-shape body wanted to turn around and go back home. But I knew I couldn't (partly because I knew Liz wouldn't let me in if I came back that soon;). So there I went. After two grusome loops around westbrook, i headed back for Liz's.
So this is the account of my first outing since baby (who is 6months old, by the way). And i plan to sit down in the next day or two and make a work-out plan for the month. Love you all. Sorry this was soooo long.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Jogging Strollers

Hey Moms!

I am thinking of getting a double jogging stroller for my two youngest. My oldest can ride his bike beside me, which I am thankful for. Any suggestions? I haven't looked at all yet, so any ideas you have would be a great help.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Heavy legs

Hello to my girls. Hannah you are right lets get this blog going. This last year has been a blur but here I am and I am still working out. The last few months I have had very little desire to work out but I just keep doing it knowing that getting out of shape is just not worth it. Every time I run my legs are HEAVY!! I feel like I am dragging. BUT, today was the first time in a run in a while that I felt like I had a bounce to my step a bit.
I am doing the half marathon in Lincoln, May 1st. We will be flying back to run and then flying right back to Virginia. I am especially excited because Jake is doing it too. That is the main reason I am doing it. I prefer shorter races but I will do it with him. i have always wanted to do something like this with Jake.
I am struggling in every way right now, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically. Working out, even though it has been very hard to keep going, has been a very good thing for me right now. I feel hope and I am thankful.
I hear ya Hannah. Although I love to work out, may I treasure Christ above all. May I run after HIM!!!!